Welcome to the Pathfinders Trials Motorcycle club. We are excited to see you are interested in the sport of trials. This page is designed for you to join and start you first event with us. Trials is one of the most cheapest forms of motorcycle sport our ages vary from children to pensioners. If you have any questions through out exploring if trials is for you or not please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE.  We look forward to speaking with you. 


Pathfinders Trials MCC Committee


The first step in getting into trials is applying for club membership. This will get you the step to apply for a full licence through MWA (Motorcycling Western Australia). Our membership runs each calendar year. 

 Prices for membership 

 - Solo Membership $50.00

 - Membership FAMILY $50.00

 - Junior Membership - $20.00

You can apply for membership through the web site at the MEMBERSHIP FORM PAGE once received and processed you will be allicated a membership number which you will need to get a full licence through Motorcycling Australia. 

When applying for membership it is important to read what you will be acknowledging when you apply these are: 

Riders​ ​Code​ ​of​ ​Conduct​ ​-​ ​to​ ​be​ ​complied​ ​with​ ​at​ ​all​ ​events

Riders MUST​ NOT enter sections until called by the Observer.
Riders MUST​ always ride with a buddy at non observed sections.
Riders MUST​ be ready to present at machine examining at least 15 mins before Machine Examination closes.
Riders Riders MUST​ always thank the Observer.
Riders MUST​ not practise in sections until all riders have completed the event.
Riders MUST​ always assist with pulling the pegs at the end of a Trial.

I/We agree to abide by the rules and constitution of the Pathfinders Trials MCC and Code of Conduct at events, the Current MA Manual of Motorcycle Sport and directions from Motorcycling WA.

I/We acknowledge that motorcycle sport is dangerous and you are exposed to certain risks. You may be injured physically, mentally or worse. Your machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed. Others may ride dangerously or with a lack of skill. The track or event conditions may be hazardous and change without warning. You have an obligation to yourself and to others to act safely and within the law, and the rules and regulations of Motorcycling Australia.

I/We acknowledge all competitors and officials are advised that random drug and alcohol testing may take place during any Pathfinders Trails MCC event. . Refer to MA website for details on the Safety Policy – Drug and Alcohol testing.


Once you have completed registration for your One Meeting Competition Licence, you will receive your licence via email, please either download a copy or save a copy to you phone as proof of purchase to be shown to the Race Secretary of the  event at  time of sign on.


Our rules are based on the FIM and are implemented by Motorcycling Australia. All the rules are written in the Manual of Motorsport what can be found on the Motorcycling Australia Website. Chapter 19 is trials specific this will make you aware of rules and requirments of the sport. It is important that you read this before you first event.  

Manual Of Motorsport Covers 

 - Clothing 

 - Competition Rules

 - Safety Requirements


We get riders to ride in pairs or groups for safety reasons. We have two types of trials either self observed or observed. After the riders meeting the general rule is go to the section on the last number or your rider number for example rider 32 would start at number 2. This will ensure an even spread through out all sections. After arriving at the section riders will get off their bike and walk the section looking for markers and lines to ride. After the rider has rode the section they will move onto the next section until the whole lap has been completed. After the first lap has been completed you continue the process until you have finished all of your allocated laps. 


All event entry is done through this web site on the ONLINE ENTRY PAGE. Entry will advertised when event entry is open. Online entry closes on the Thursday night on the week of the trial. Online entry maximises the officials time and makes it easy for our volunteers. 


Please not you can enter on the day at the trial but your score may not be included in this trial results.  


Pathfinders events use either self scruitneering or scruitneering using officials. When signing on you will be given a form to complete. You tick off the field to say you have acknowledge you have checked the required check. Its ideal to check your bike before the event either at home or at the event when you arrive. Any issues will need to be fixed before you ride. All requirements are in the Manual Of Motorsport. At any time your bike can be checked by the scruitneer official. 




Once you have completed registration for your One Meeting Competition Licence, you will receive your licence via email, please either download a copy or save a copy to you phone as proof of purchase to be shown to the Race Secretary of the  event at  time of sign on.