Our Riders​ ​Code​ ​of​ ​Conduct​: ​(Is to be followed at all events)

  • Riders MUST​ NOT enter sections until called by the observer at observed events.

  • Riders MUST​ always ride with a buddy at non observed sections for your safety.

  • Riders MUST​ be ready to present at machine examining at least 15 mins before Machine Examination closes.

  • Riders Riders MUST​ always thank the observers at the end of the day.

  • Riders MUST​ not practise in sections until all riders have completed the event.

  • Riders MUST​ always assist with pulling the pegs at the end of a Trial. This is expected from all competitors.

  • Event entry is ONLY online for all Pathfinders events.

  • Competitors are to arrive to event sign on before the closing time of 9:00am.

You must understand that:


  • Motorcycle sport is dangerous and you are exposed to certain risks. You may be injured physically, mentally or worse. Your machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed. Others may ride dangerously or with a lack of skill. The track or event conditions may be hazardous and change without warning. You have an obligation to yourself and to others to act safely and within the law, and the rules and regulations of Motorcycling Australia. 


  • All competitors and officials are advised that random drug and alcohol testing may take place during any Pathfinders Trails MCC event. . Refer to Motorcycling Australia website for details on the Safety Policy – Drug and Alcohol testing.

  • Pathfinders Trials Motorcycle Club has a zero tolerance for any abuse towards officials, volunteers and other riders. If you can't control your own behaviour please do not apply for membership with the club.